Meeting My First Goal of 2019: Check!

Setting goals for ourselves that are both challenging and realistic is one of the keys to continued skill-learning and confidence building.

Launching this website on January 1, 2019 was a personal and professional goal that I set and have met, and it means a lot to me. It would have been easy to delay this goal for me––after all, I did not finish all of the content and web design elements I envisioned for the launch; PLUS I am planning my own wedding which is coming up in March; AND it’s the holidays on top of everything else!

There were many moments were I considered delaying the website launch, but at the end of the day it was important to me to accomplish it on the day I said I would––even if that meant launching before the site meets my expectations for “perfection.”

Nothing and no one will ever be “perfect,” we are always evolving works in progress. My web design skills are an evolving work in progress, and that is okay. Making small, good choices eventually adds up in a big way. I decided to make the small, good choice to start 2019 off by meeting this goal instead of delaying it. In that choice, I accepted that a completed site did not mean a perfect site, it meant a completed one.

The feeling I gained from meeting this small goal (that no one knew about but me) filled me with a sense of accomplishment that was far superior to the sense of anxiety over a perceived failure that I would have undoubtedly felt if I had decided to push the date back again. is finally here, and I am so excited to share the content and resources I have been working on for many years while on this journey of personal improvement and recovery.

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