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healing from trauma & mental illness

According to a study released in 2016 by the National Institute for Mental Health, an estimated 44.7 million American adults live with mild to moderate mental illness, while another 10.4 million live with severe mental illness. That’s over 55 million souls.

Out of those lucky enough to receive any treatment at all, the majority are being treated primarily with psychotropic medications and cannot afford long term counseling or therapy. 

Achieving and maintaining mental wellness is a challenging journey that requires the participation of your entire mind and body. 

The modern American healthcare system does not value the importance of mindset and lifestyle interventions that can be used alongside prescription medications and even psychotherapy to improve the health, happiness, and overall quality of life of those living with the debilitating symptoms of trauma and mental illness. 

Mind Mantra Yoga is a place for community support and educational resources for individuals in recovery from addiction, trauma, and mental illness.

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*Restore your relationship with yourself

*Take back control of your health & wellness

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